The States With the Fewest Late Payments

"Go Midwest young man," may well have been the sage advice needed when it comes to personal finance reviewing the data from the annual State of Credit report.

The reason is that Minnesota is the state with the highest average VantageScore and lowest average of late payments. That is no coincidence since paying your bills on time accounts for approximately 35% of your credit scores and is one of the most important factors for improving your credit scores.

Who else is on top of their bills? Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Vermont all tied with the 2nd lowest average of .21 for late payments and Washington rounded out the top five. All of the top 10 states ranked for the lowest average late payments had average credit scores above the national average of 675.

Top 10 States With the Fewest Late Payments in 2017
RankStateLate Payments
7New Hampshire0.23
9South Dakota0.23
10North Dakota0.26

Most Improved States for Paying Bills

Many states saw their late payment average decrease considerably—which is a good thing—led by Vermont whose average improved 42%. Wisconsin and Nebraska each saw their average improve 37%, followed by Alaska and Iowa at 32%.

Top 10 States That Improved Late Payment Average in 2017
RankStateLate Payments
6New York-31%
10New Hampshire-12%

If you have a good credit history and make one late payment past 30-days, chances are it won't impact your scores too much. If it becomes a pattern then lenders take note as do the credit bureaus. The more recent the late payment, the more it will impact your scores.

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