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The ability to control who can access your Experian Credit File is in your hands. With the touch of a button, you can lock your Credit File, keeping fraudsters and identity thieves away.

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A credit card is required to start your free 7-day trial membership in Experian CreditWorksSM Premium. You may cancel your trial membership at any time within 7 days without charge. If you decide not to cancel, your membership will continue and you will be billed $24.99 for each month that you continue your membership. You may easily cancel your trial membership online anytime within the trial period without charge.

Experian CreditLock is a separate service from Security Freeze. Learn more about the differences between CreditLock and Security Freeze.

Product features:

Experian CreditLock

Protect your valuable credit information with the touch of a button.

Easily lock your Experian Credit File and guard yourself against identity theft. Prevent unauthorized credit activity with real-time alerts if someone tries to apply for credit in your name while your credit file is locked.

Up to $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance

Enjoy more peace of mind with up to $1 million in insurance and a $0 deductible.

If you become a victim of identity theft, you can be covered for the costs of restoring your identity, like fraudulent electronic fund transfers, lost wages, legal fees and travel expenses.

Help when you need it

Our dedicated team of Credit and Fraud Resolution Agents give you personalized support.

If you think you have an issue with fraud or identity theft, rest assured that we’re here to help with toll-free support available 7 days a week. A Fraud Resolution Agent is assigned to work with you closely every step of the way until your issue is resolved.

3-bureau credit monitoring

Receive alert notifications when key changes to your Experian, TransUnion® and Equifax® Credit Reports occur.

Monitoring your Credit Reports from all 3 credit bureaus can be an effective way to detect suspicious activity and signs of identity theft. It can also help you keep an eye on your credit health and make better informed financial decisions.

Monthly 3-bureau updates

Access your updated Credit Reports and FICO® Scores* from all 3 credit bureaus every 30 days.

You can view your updated 3-bureau FICO Scores and Credit Reports every 30 days. Since the information in each of your Credit Reports may be different, stay up-to-date and compare your credit information across all 3 bureaus.

Stay up-to-date every day

View your Experian dashboard every day to see updated factors impacting your credit.

You can view your updated Experian Credit Report and FICO Score every day on sign in and an easy-to-read overview that highlights the specific factors impacting your FICO Score based on Experian data.

Monitoring with Experian begins within 48 hours of enrollment in your trial. Monitoring with Equifax® and TransUnion® takes approximately 4 days to begin, though in some cases cannot be initiated during your trial period. You may cancel your trial membership in Experian CreditWorksSM any time within 7 days of enrollment without charge.

Identity Theft Insurance underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group, Inc. (AIG). The description herein is a summary and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions. Review the Summary of Benefits for Experian CreditWorksSM Premium.

*Credit score is calculated based on FICO® Score 8 model, unless otherwise noted. In addition to the FICO® Score 8, we may offer and provide other base or industry-specific FICO® Scores (such as FICO® Auto Scores and FICO® Bankcard Scores). Your lender or insurer may use a different FICO® Score than FICO® Score 8 or such other base or industry-specific FICO® Score (if available), or another type of credit score altogether. Learn more.

Experian CreditLock FAQs

What is a credit lock?

A credit lock allows you to easily lock your Credit File, helping to protect you against identity theft and unwanted credit activity. If someone attempts to apply for credit in your name while your File is locked, you will be notified with a real time alert.

When locked, your Experian Credit File is NOT accessible to:

  • Banks and lenders that check your Credit File for a credit or loan application
  • Companies checking your Credit File in order to open new utilities, cellular service or apartment rentals

When locked, your Experian Credit File is accessible to:

  • You, as part of your Experian CreditWorksSM Premium membership
  • Potential employers or insurance companies during the application process
  • Companies that have an existing credit relationship with you
  • Collection agencies acting on behalf of companies you may owe
  • Personalized offers from Experian, such as credit card offers, if you choose to receive them
  • Companies providing pre-screened credit card offers. Learn more about opting out of credit offers
How can Experian CreditLock help prevent credit fraud?

If an identity thief tries to apply for credit in your name, access to your Credit File will be blocked when the lender tries to view it, stopping the crime before it starts. If someone tries to access your File while it is locked, you will be notified with a real time alert.

What kind of Alerts will I get with Experian CreditLock?

In addition to the regular alerts you receive as part of your membership, Experian CreditLock provides attempted inquiry alerts that inform you when someone attempts to apply for credit while your Report is locked. You will receive a confirmation alert when you lock or unlock your Experian Credit File.

What does it mean if my Experian Credit File is unlocked?
  • Banks or lenders may review your File if you, or someone who claims to be you, applies for a loan or financing in your name.
  • Any company with permissible purpose may access your File if it is unlocked. This means any company with a legal right, including any new or existing creditor wishing to review your Report or extend you credit; a Grand Jury request; a potential employer or an insurance company underwriting a policy.
  • To block unwanted inquiries and potential fraudulent activity, you may want to keep your Experian Credit File locked until you’re in the market for credit or financing.
If I use Experian CreditLock, can any information, including new accounts, be posted to my Experian Credit File?

When your Experian Credit File is locked, new accounts may still be reported to Experian and posted to your Experian Credit File if:

  • A creditor opens an account using a report from one of the other major credit bureaus that you have not locked or applied a security freeze.
  • You unlock your Experian Credit File, granting access to a potential lender or creditor.
What is the difference between Experian CreditLock, a Security Freeze and a Fraud Alert?

With Experian CreditLock, you have greater control over who can view your Credit File, blocking unwanted inquiries that result in extensions of credit. Locking your Credit File gives you similar protection to a security freeze, but with additional advantages. Learn more about the differences between CreditLock, Security Freezes, and Fraud Alerts.

What happens if my File is locked and I cancel or downgrade my Experian CreditWorks Premium membership?

Your Experian Credit File will be unlocked at the end of your billing cycle.

Gain control over your Experian Credit File

Lock your Experian Credit File

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