Experian’s Document Upload Service

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If you have a document you would like to submit to Experian, you can use our secure document upload service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents should I submit to prove my identity or address in order to get a copy of my credit report?

  • One government-issued identification card, such as a driver's license or state ID card; please be sure the document is legible.
  • AND one additional document, such as a bank or insurance statement, utility bill or something similar that displays your name and current mailing address and a recent issue date.

What type of documents can I provide to support my dispute?

Any document that you feel proves your claim, such as a cancelled check, a letter from your creditor, a billing statement, a court or county recorder document, bankruptcy dismissal or discharge papers, letter from the IRS, etc.

Why did you tell me I have to mail you my documents?

The system asks consumers to mail their documents when an issue has occurred that prevents upload. Some of the issues that prevent upload are

  • document is not in a .tiff or .pdf format
  • documents exceed our system's size limit (15 MB for all documents uploaded in a session)
  • document appears to contain a virus
  • .pdf format is not working; please convert to a .tiff

I have more than 5 documents to send you, but you only allow me to upload 5. What should I do?

You can provide additional documents by mail or by returning to experian.com/upload and initiating a new session.

You require me to enter the reason for submitting my documents, but I don't see my reason on your list.

Use the "Other" reason, and provide an explanation in the "Tell us more" field.

I don't have enough room to explain my reason for sending my document in the "Tell us more" box.

The "tell us more" box allows up to 1,000 characters. If you need to provide a more extensive explanation, we suggest that you call or write to us, or include the explanation on the document that you upload.

Why do I need to type characters from a picture before I give you my personal information?

Typing the characters from a picture helps ensure that a person - not an automated program - is completing the form. This step helps prevent anyone else from downloading your personal information.

How do I convert my document to a .pdf?

On most computers and with most common document types, you can open your document file and then select "Save As" and then ".pdf." Certain software applications also have a PDF option under the "Print" function (when selecting the printer, look for a PDF Creator). For your particular document type, computer or software, you may want to use a search engine to research the steps you should take. If you experience problems uploading a .pdf, try converting your document to a .tiff.

How do I convert my document to a .tiff?

Certain programs allow you to "Save As" a tiff file. To do this, or to see if your software contains this option, open the document file and select "Save As" and then look for the tiff option. Tiff conversion software can also be located online using a search engine.

How do I know my document will be secure?

Experian protects your information over the Internet by using a secure Web server, which allows Web browser programs to interact with Experian's Web server via an encrypted session. Experian employs a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection that provides an encrypted connection between your computer and Experian. Read a full description of our security processes.

What will you do with my document once you receive it?

An Experian customer service representative will review your document. If the document can be validated, we may use it to update the information on your credit report or it may be shared with the data furnisher for the purpose of processing your dispute. Be advised that written information or documents you provide with respect to your disputes may be shared with any and all creditors with which you are disputing.

You said my document has a virus. How do I remove the virus?

We cannot advise you on how to remove a virus. Please mail your document to us.

What is a .tiff?

A tiff file, or tif file, stands for Tagged Image File Format. Tif files are a common file format for images, especially those used on graphic design. The file extension for a tiff file is either .tiff or .tif.

What is a .pdf?

A pdf file stands for Portable Document File format. It is a widely used document format that is designed to distribute official documents online. A pdf file preserves the margins, fonts, page breaks, and formatting of an official document so that it prints identically on any kind of printer or computer.

Is there a limitation on the size of my document?

The size of all uploaded documents within a session may not exceed 15 MB. Up to five documents may be uploaded during a session.

I disputed online, but I didn't see anywhere to upload my documents.

Documents may be uploaded at: experian.com/upload. This Website address appears on the Dispute an Item pages on our Website.

What types of documents will you NOT accept as proof of my identity or address?

Credit card statements, voided checks, lease agreements, magazine subscriptions and postal service forwarding orders are examples of documents we do not accept.

If I uploaded my document today, how quickly will you update my credit report?

Disputes are processed within 5 business days from the day we receive your request. It may take up to 30 days for the data furnisher to investigate the dispute and respond. We will notify you once we receive their response.

I don't have a Report Number. Can I still upload my documents?

Yes; however, it's always best to review a current copy of your credit report prior to initiating a dispute.

How will I know you received my uploaded documents?

If your documents are uploaded correctly, you will receive a confirmation message telling you so. If not, a message will display that tells you we were unable to upload your document. In addition, a form will display with all of the personal information you entered to make it easy to print the letter and mail your request to Experian along with a copy of your document.