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LGBTQ Money Survey: Attitudes, Challenges, and Opportunities

Most members of America’s LGBTQ community say they are more inclined to save money than to spend it. Read more about Experian's latest LGBTQ Money Survey.

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May 14, 2015

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Why Checking Your Credit Report Won’t Hurt Your FICO® Score

May 11, 2015

An Experian survey in 2013 found that 49 percent of Americans check their credit scores at least once a year. While it seems that many understand the importance of...

Infographic: How to Read an Experian Credit Report

May 5, 2015

For many, understanding how to read and digest the information a credit report contains is key to unlocking the mysteries that the world of credit holds. Maybe you’re already...

How to Report Identity Theft and a Fraudulent Tax Return

May 3, 2015

Dear Experian, Someone tried to file an income tax return using our names and Social Security numbers, so I need to report identity theft to Experian. How do I...

Does Getting Declined Affect Your Credit

April 27, 2015

Dear Experian, I have requested a credit line increase from my credit card company three times, and have been declined each time. Does this affect my credit history? - GSR

The Effect of Delinquencies During a Short Sale

April 24, 2015

Dear Experian, Will it have more of an impact on my credit report if I stop making my mortgage payments and become 90 days or more delinquent during a short...

What Are the Different Credit Scoring Ranges?

April 23, 2015

Your FICO Score® helps determine your credit worthiness. Find out where your score falls and how lenders may view you as a borrower.

11 Credit Myths: Don’t Fall for ‘Em

April 16, 2015

Forget everything you’ve heard about credit. Well, maybe not everything. “Living within your means” is always important, but you should be willing to rethink what you know. Because when...

Using Credit Cards to Establish Your Credit History

April 11, 2015

Dear Experian, I have been approved for two credit cards with two different limits and interest rates. One offers cash back rewards. I am trying to build my credit....