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PLUS Score, VantageScore available from Experian


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Credit Advice

PLUS Score, VantageScore available from Experian

Dear Experian,

I know that a lender I'm about to approach will pull up my Experian Scorex PLUS score. It doesn't seem available to me at or How can I view this score of mine before going to the lender? Or, do I just cross my fingers.


Dear LLI,

Visit There you can purchase your Experian PLUS score along with a report that explains in detail what is most affecting that score.

The site also provides information about scores from across the country. You can compare your score to average scores from each state and major urban area.

You have hit on an important point. Not all lenders use the same credit score. The only way to know which score they use is for the lender to tell you. In your instance, you know they use the Experian PLUS score, so you can get that specific score and have a very precise indication of what your score will be when the lender gets it.

However, the customer service person for the lender may not actually know which scoring model their company is using.  Also, many lenders use scoring models that are not available to consumers. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a very good idea of how the lender will view your creditworthiness.

There are many credit scores and credit score reports available from a variety of sources, All of them will educate you about your level of risk and how lenders will evaluate your application, no matter which scoring model they use.

Experian offers both the PLUS score and the VantageScore to consumers. You can get your VantageScore at You can also get your credit report and credit scores if you subscribe to one of Experian’s credit monitoring services, such as Triple Advantage.

While the score you get may not match the one your lender receives, the score and report will give you a very good idea of your overall credit standing. The credit scores and reports from Experian and other sources explain what the numbers mean with regard to your credit standing.

If the score indicates you are a good credit risk, the score your lender receives likely will indicate you are a good credit risk, too.

You can use the risk factor explanations you get with your credit score to help you improve your credit history over time Doing so will improve all credit scores because your credit history will show you have taken control of your debt and credit accounts.

Thanks for asking.

- The "Ask Experian" team

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