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LGBTQ Money Survey: Attitudes, Challenges, and Opportunities

Most members of America’s LGBTQ community say they are more inclined to save money than to spend it. Read more about Experian's latest LGBTQ Money Survey.

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Tax Liens No Longer Included on a Credit Report

July 5, 2018

Dear Experian, I have a tax lien release from the IRS. I was going to send it to all bureaus until I read that the credit bureaus get tax lien...

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July 3, 2018

If you’re living on the fringe of the economy, or know someone who is, take a look for a way to regain your financial independence.

86% of Americans Say They’ve Been Broke

July 3, 2018

Have you ever been broke? Don't worry—you're not alone. Find out why there is such financial dysfunction among so many Americans.

How to Apply for a Credit Card with Bad Credit

July 3, 2018

The key to improving your credit history and raising your credit scores is to open up new accounts and manage them responsibly. Find out how.

5 Steps to Financial Independence

July 2, 2018

The first years after graduation are often filled with financial missteps and well-intentioned catastrophes. Here's how to achieve financial independence.

48% Say America Will Be Out of Cash by 2023

July 2, 2018

Is a cashless society possible in the near future? One in five Americans thinks their payments will be completely cash-free in their lifetime. Read more.

What Is Malware?

June 30, 2018

Malware is used by cybercriminals to steal identities, obtain personally identifiable information, and infect laptops and smartphones. Read more.

Watch Out for This Tech Scam on Your Summer Vacation

June 29, 2018

Summer travelers need to be on guard because of a variation on public WiFi hacks that means practically anyone can spy on your online activity. Learn more.

This New Rewards Card Has No Annual Fee

June 29, 2018

Wells Fargo is amping up its credit card rewards game. The bank recently announced its revamped Propel American Express credit card. Find out more.

The Pros and Cons of a Joint Credit Card

June 28, 2018

Thinking about getting a joint credit card with a spouse, family member or friend? Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Amazon Offers a New Amex For Small Business Owners

June 27, 2018

American Express has partnered with Amazon to launch a co-branded credit card for small business in the United States. Read more.

10 Things to Know Before You Get a Retail Card

June 27, 2018

Retail credit cards come fully equipped with financial pros and cons for U.S. consumers. Take a look to see if retail cards are right for you.