Budgeting & Saving

Audio: Experian Etc. with Reeta Wolfsohn

What is it that drives our relationship with money? And how much can that dictate our approach to not just spending or saving, but caring whether we manage our money well or not? Author Reeta Wolfsohn has been investigating for years, and what she's uncovered might just surprise you.

Discover the why behind how we make money decisions, as well as hearing some of her ideas on how you can create financial accountability for yourself if you've stumbled in the past. According to Reeta, "It's never too late to turn things around — there's always hope to improve."

Explore credit in unique ways with Experian Etc. Discover uncommon insights from different perspectives in the world of credit and information security through short series and unique features that expand your knowledge and supplement your credit swagger!

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Reeta Wolfsohn