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Not Enough Activity to Generate Credit Score

Dear Experian,

Recently we were told my husband's credit report with Experian was not reporting and that his credit score is not available. We received a message that says "Factor 9002, Risk Score not available due to model exclusion criteria." What do we need to do to correct this?


Dear RCH,

The risk factor code you mention indicates that there has not been enough activity on your husband's report in the last six months to generate a score. In order to be calculated, scores require recent credit activity.

If you have not already done so, request a copy of your husband's credit report to ensure that his credit accounts are being reported accurately. Because adverse action was taken based on his Experian credit report he can request a free copy. The lender should have provided instructions to do so. If not, go to Experian's Report Access, to request your report.

If your husband still has open accounts, he should use each of them to make a small purchase each month and then pay the balance in full, which will reactivate his credit. If he has no open accounts, your husband may need to open an account so that he can build a new history. With no active credit history to score, he will likely have difficulty opening new accounts and he may need to become a joint account holder on one or more of your accounts.

In either instance, it may take several months for activity to be sufficient to calculate credit scores.

Your husband's situation is a good example of why it is important to maintain a strong, active credit history to serve as your financial reference. When you are not seeking credit and don't plan to, your credit report doesn't seem important. But if you have an emergency, or need access to credit unexpectedly, having an active credit history can be essential.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team

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