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Best Secured Credit Cards

If you're looking for a secured credit card to help you build your credit history, these are some of the best offerings from our partners.

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    Best Secured Card With Rewards and an Option to Upgrade

    Best Secured Card With a Low Deposit Amount

    This Card Is Right for You If:

    You're looking for a card that doesn't require a large deposit to activate. The Secured Mastercard® from Capital One offers an initial $200 credit line after you make a security deposit of $49, $99 or $200, depending on your creditworthiness. After six months, Capital One will automatically review your account and may increase your credit limit increase without requiring you to submit an additional deposit.

    Best Secured Card With an Adjustable Credit Limit

    This Card Is Right for You If:

    You want to increase your credit line with an additional deposit at any time. Your initial deposit of up to $3,000 determines your initial credit line, but you can also increase your credit line at any time with additional deposits. After the first year, your account will be regularly reviewed for credit line increases with no additional security deposit required. One drawback: You will pay a $36 annual fee.

    Best Secured Card to Improve a Thin Credit File

    This Card Is Right for You If:

    You have little to no credit history and need to build it up for the first time. This straightforward card comes with no annual fee and requires a minimum deposit of $200. Note: You won't get approved for this card if you are trying to rebuild your credit because of a damaged credit history.

    Best Secured Card for Balance Transfers

    Secured Card With the Lowest Interest Rate

    This Card Is Right for You If:

    You plan to carry a balance on your secured card. The best way to build credit is to pay off your credit cards every month, but if you do need to carry a balance, you'll want to find one with the lowest interest rate possible. This card fits the bill with an ongoing 9.99% variable APR. You will, however, also pay a $49 annual fee. You must also submit your refundable deposit with your card application.