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The Meaning of “Derogatory Public Record”

August 13, 2018

Dear Experian, My credit score states "time since derogatory public record or collection is too short." What is a “derogatory public record”? - JTR

Public Records That Can Appear in Your Credit Report

August 10, 2018

Dear Experian, Why is there still a public record on my account that has been paid off for four and a half years? - NDR

Updating Credit Report to Show Bankruptcy is Discharged

August 6, 2018

Dear Experian, My bankruptcy was discharged one to two months following when it was filed. This would have been around September 2005. It still shows the bankruptcy is not discharged...

How to Prevent Identity Theft After a Burglary

August 3, 2018

Dear Experian, I returned from two weeks away from my house to find it had been burglarized. Among the missing items are some credit cards, and I have notified the...

How to Remove Bankruptcy From Credit Report

July 31, 2018

Dear Experian, It's been just about 10 years since my bankruptcy was been discharged. How do I go about getting it removed from my credit report? - ENZ

Closing a Credit Card Can Hurt Your Credit Score

July 31, 2018

Dear Experian, Why does closing a credit card you are no longer using negatively affect your credit? - VNO

Denied Because Lack of Credit History

July 31, 2018

Dear Experian, I moved to the U.S. two years ago and have since applied three times for a department store card. Requests got denied because I apparently didn't have a...

How Long Does It Take to Build a Credit Score?

July 6, 2018

Dear Experian, My husband and I recently purchased a used car. He makes an annual income of $63,000 and I am a full-time, unemployed student. Because he had zero credit...

Tax Liens No Longer Included on a Credit Report

July 5, 2018

Dear Experian, I have a tax lien release from the IRS. I was going to send it to all bureaus until I read that the credit bureaus get tax lien...

Judgments No Longer Included on a Credit Report

June 15, 2018

Dear Experian, I am a landlord that has been awarded a small claims judgment in excess of $5,000. Can this be reported to a credit bureau, if so how? - RDT

Can Accounts Included in Bankruptcy Be Deleted?

June 6, 2018

Dear Experian, There is an account appearing on my credit report that was included in my bankruptcy. Will it be deleted? – JMV Dear JMV, An account included in...

Closed Credit Card Accounts Showing on Credit Report

June 4, 2018

Dear Experian, All my credit cards are paid in full and closed but still showing revolving on my credit history. I want to clean up my credit history. What steps...