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Judgments No Longer Included on a Credit Report

June 15, 2018

Dear Experian, I am a landlord that has been awarded a small claims judgment in excess of $5,000. Can this be reported to a credit bureau, if so how? - RDT

Can Accounts Included in Bankruptcy Be Deleted?

June 6, 2018

Dear Experian, There is an account appearing on my credit report that was included in my bankruptcy. Will it be deleted? – JMV Dear JMV, An account included in...

Closed Credit Card Accounts Showing on Credit Report

June 4, 2018

Dear Experian, All my credit cards are paid in full and closed but still showing revolving on my credit history. I want to clean up my credit history. What steps...

Military Personnel Can Add an Active Duty Alert

May 10, 2018

Dear Experian, As a member of the Army currently overseas, what can I do to protect my credit? I heard something about placing an “active duty alert” on my...

Contact Information for Medical Collection Accounts

May 8, 2018

Dear Experian, On my credit report there are two collection items. One says Medical Payment Data. The other just says Emergency Physician. I need their contact information, such as address...

Compromise Sale of Home Will Hurt Credit

May 3, 2018

Dear Experian, I am active duty military and anticipating a permanent change of station this year. I am considering doing a VA compromise sale on my home in Tucson, as...

Inquiries from Utilities on Your Credit Report

May 1, 2018

Dear Experian, How do inquiries from utility, cable television/internet, cellular telephone and residential rentals impact credit scores since payment histories are never reported? - MDB

Authorized User Account Impeding Home Purchase

April 26, 2018

Dear Experian, I have a question regarding authorized users. I put my son on my card when he and his sister were traveling in Europe. I forgot about it...

Mistakenly Reported as Deceased

April 24, 2018

Dear Experian, I am listed as deceased on my credit history. How can I change that? - CAG

New Credit Card Not Appearing in Credit Report

April 19, 2018

Dear Experian, I have had a new credit card since December. They state that they are reporting to the credit bureau but I see no record of it. How can...

The Impact of Requesting Lower Credit Limits

April 17, 2018

Dear Experian, If I lower my credit limits on my credit cards, does that lower my credit score? If so, why? - PGR

Removing Inquiries for Multiple Loan Applications

April 12, 2018

Dear Experian, While looking for a new car the auto dealer shopped the best rate for a loan, generating seven or eight hard credit inquiries, which have dropped my score....