Can Accounts Included in Bankruptcy Be Deleted?

Can Accounts Included in Bankruptcy Be Deleted? article image.

Dear Experian,

There is an account appearing on my credit report that was included in my bankruptcy. Will it be deleted?


Dear JMV,

An account included in bankruptcy will not be deleted from your credit history right away. Accounts included in bankruptcy remain on the report for seven years from the original delinquency date. If the account was never late prior to being included in the bankruptcy, it will remain on the credit report for seven years from the date the bankruptcy was filed.

The two most common types of bankruptcy that appear on a credit report are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Accounts Included in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When you file bankruptcy, all accounts listed in your bankruptcy will be updated to show "account included in bankruptcy." Once the bankruptcy is discharged, the account will be updated to show "discharged in bankruptcy."

With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all debts are forgiven and there is no repayment plan. Chapter 7 bankruptcies are typically discharged within a few months. Although the Chapter 7 bankruptcy public record will remain on the credit report for 10 years, the account included in the bankruptcy are removed after seven years.

Accounts Included in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are required to complete a debt repayment plan in order to have your bankruptcy discharged. The repayment plan may take anywhere from 3-5 years to complete.

Because you repay a portion of the debts owed, Chapter 13 bankruptcies are removed sooner than Chapter 7. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will be automatically removed seven years from the date it is filed.

The accounts listed in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will show that they are included in the bankruptcy until the bankruptcy plan is completed, at which time they will be updated to show discharged in bankruptcy.

If an account was included in bankruptcy but is not listed as included in your credit report, provide the Schedule A document from your bankruptcy filing, showing that account, and Experian will be able to update your report.

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