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Updating Bankruptcy Information

Dear Experian,

After a bankruptcy discharge the creditors usually update their accounts, so the debt shows as discharged in bankruptcy. However, they don’t always do that. Can I send you a copy of my discharge and the list of creditors so the report can be updated?


Dear ETT,

The accounts in your credit report should reflect that they are included in the bankruptcy, and the bankruptcy public record should be listed as well. Both should indicate they are discharged once the bankruptcy has been completed.

Updating Bankruptcy Information on Your Credit Report

If you’ve checked your Experian credit report recently and the accounts are not appearing correctly as discharged through bankruptcy, you can have them updated. Your credit report will include contact information for each creditor as well as instructions for disputing the information directly with Experian.

Your bankruptcy paperwork should include a schedule “A” that lists all of the debts included in the bankruptcy filing. Send a copy of the schedule “A” and a copy of documentation that the bankruptcy has been discharged, along with a statement explaining that the bankruptcy information on your credit report should be updated.

With the documentation, Experian should be able to update the status of the accounts. In response to the dispute, the court also may be contacted and asked to verify the information in your dispute, which should confirm the documentation.

Thanks for asking.
– The “Ask Experian” team