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Settling a Debt Will Hurt Your Credit Score

January 26, 2018

Dear Experian, Does it hurt my credit score if I settle my account? - EWH

Marriage Does Not Combine Your Credit Reports

January 25, 2018

Dear Experian, My fiancé is divorced and lost his house to foreclosure. He has a bad credit history including bankruptcy. When we marry what are the pros and cons of...

How to Restore Your Credit Score

January 23, 2018

Dear Experian, I just paid the last bill off my credit in May of this year. If there is nothing else for me to pay how does my credit score...

Steps for Removing a Tax Lien Filed in Error

January 18, 2018

Dear Experian, I had a lien on my account in 1999 from the state of South Carolina for payroll tax. I have a letter from them stating that the lien...

How Utilization Rate Affects Credit Scores

January 17, 2018

Dear Experian, I have been led to believe that a component of one's overall credit score is the ratio of current credit card balances to one's total available credit. If...

Inquiry for Employment Will Not Affect Credit Score

January 16, 2018

Dear Experian, I have been applying for work at employment agencies. They want my permission to conduct a credit check. My concern is that I was told in the past...

Find Out Who Has Checked Your Credit Report

January 11, 2018

Dear Experian, How do I verify that a company indeed checked my credit report? - HOD

Getting a Free Credit Report when Application is Declined

January 9, 2018

Dear Experian, I was denied credit based on a credit report from Experian. Can I order a free credit report online from Experian if I have already used my free...

Balance on Credit Report Same as Statement

January 5, 2018

Dear Experian, Is there a way to make a credit search show my current balance on a card rather than the balance on the last statement? - REQ

Updating Bankruptcy Information

January 4, 2018

Dear Experian, After a bankruptcy discharge the creditors usually update their entrances, so the debt shows as discharged in bankruptcy. However, they don't always do that. Can I send you...

Obtaining a Personal Credit Report

January 2, 2018

Dear Experian, What is my credit report number? I need it so I can speak to someone live. - MIN

Removing Closed Accounts in Good Standing

December 28, 2017

Dear Experian, How do I go about getting old, closed in good standing, credit card accounts off my credit report? - GRB

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