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Dear Experian,

On my credit report there are two collection items. One says Medical Payment Data. The other just says Emergency Physician. I need their contact information, such as address and phone, so I can get in touch with them. Can you please help?


Dear NYW,

Medical collection accounts can be part of a credit report. However, for privacy reasons information that identifies the specific illness, type of treatment or the service provider is blocked from the credit reports provided to lenders or other businesses. Therefore, if you are looking at a lender's credit report, you will not see the name of the medical office or provider.

If you are looking at a copy of your personal Experian credit report, the collection account will show the original creditor's name and any available contact information for the collection agency. In some cases, there may only be an address available. You can write to that address or look for the collection company's telephone number online.

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