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How do you get a free FICO score?

You can get a free FICO score from Experian by going to You will also get the risk factors that are affecting your score, which will help you better understand what the score means and what you need to focus on to improve it.

Today, a number of credit card companies are also providing a free FICO score with your monthly billing statement.

If you apply for credit and are declined, or don’t get the best rate, federal law requires the lender to provide a disclosure notice that explains why your application was declined or why you didn’t get the best rate. The disclosure notice also has to include a credit score used by the lender.

Once you get your score, you should pay careful attention to the risk factors provided. Risk factors are important because they describe what elements of your credit history most affected the credit score at the time it was calculated.

By addressing those risk factors over time you can improve on your credit scores.

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