Better with age: building a credit score to last a lifetime

See how your generation stacks up in the life cycle of financial management

Live Credit Smart - From Generation to Generation

From young adults beginning to learn the ropes of financial independence to those embarking on the golden years of retirement, Americans vary widely in how much debt they take on, the types of debt they carry and how they are managing their credit. Experian's Generational Credit Trends Report provides a snapshot of Americans' debt balances and credit behaviors, illustrating that the so-called "generation gap" goes beyond just music, fashion and politics.

Does your generation have the highest average credit score? Which age group carries the highest debt balances? From the first credit card to the last mortgage payment, read on to see how different generations manage their money and find out how to live credit smart at any age.

Managing credit as you age

As we age, the way we manage credit and the decisions we have to make about credit change. provides additional tips for managing your credit as you go through life's stages.



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Note: The Generational Credit Trends Report represents data as of October 2011.

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