Removing Ex-Spouse’s Address from Credit Report after Divorce

Dear Experian,

My credit report shows two addresses for my former husband, who moved to Virginia. I have lived in Illinois for 36 years. I was able to dispute one address, but not the other. How do I get both removed? Also, my employer information is wrong. I was able to dispute it, but not provide the correct employer information. How do I do that?


Dear JWD,

Both address information and employment information are provided to Experian by your creditors. Employment information is typically reported to us when you apply for credit. You may contact Experian if you wish to add your current employer to your report. Contact information is provided in your personal credit report.

Any address where mail is received in your name can be included in your credit report. For example, if you were to receive mail at a work address or a P.O. Box, that address could appear on your report. If you were ever listed as an account holder for an account that has your ex-husband's mailing address, his address will also appear on your report.

Often, accounts remain joint even after a divorce. If you were unable to remove the address, there likely is an open account on your report that is reporting that address. You may contact us by phone to request that the address be removed, but it will most likely continue to be re-reported as long as your name remains on the account as a party responsible for the debt.

Addresses do not affect your credit scores. You can contact the creditor and request that your name be removed from the account. Keep in mind that the creditor may not be willing to remove your name from a joint account or may require that the other party qualify independently for the account.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team