Evictions Are Not Shown in Your Credit Report

Dear Experian,

I have an eviction on my credit report which is inaccurate. I have proof that it was paid. Every time I apply for an apartment I am denied because of this eviction on my record. I have ordered my credit reports and it does not appear on any of them, yet it's on every tenant screening report. I would like to know how to have it removed.


Dear VLK,

When you apply to rent an apartment, the apartment complex may check your credit history as part of its review to determine your ability to make rent payments. However, in most cases they check your rental history through a specialized tenant screening company.

Experian credit reports now include some positive rental history, but they do not include eviction reports. Experian does not provide rental screening reports.

A tenant screening report is a different report from a credit report. Ask the apartment complex for instructions to contact the rental screening company it used to obtain the information regarding your eviction. You should be able to contact that company regarding your concerns about its report.

You also may want to contact the leasing company which reported the eviction and ask it to correct the data with all the tenant screening companies to which it reports information.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team