Occasionally, credit reports contain incorrect information. This may be due to an error or could be a sign that fraud or identity theft has occurred.

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How to Dispute Information on Your Credit Report

To dispute something on your credit report, you should contact the credit bureau that issued the credit report.The fastest way to resolve errors on your Experian credit report is by filing a dispute online. Alternatively, you can write a letter that details the disputed information and states the desired action you’d like the credit bureau to take.

Once you’ve made your dispute known, the credit bureau will investigate your claim and forward your dispute to the organization that provided the information. The source of the disputed information must also investigate. If it turns out information is inaccurate, the providing organization will notify all three credit bureaus, so they can correct the information on your credit report.

It’s natural to want to delete negative information from your credit report, since potential lenders and others you do business with can see the data contained in your credit history. However, depending on the type of information and when it first appeared on your credit report, it may not be possible or necessary to delete the information.

If the information is simply inaccurate, you may be able to dispute it and have it removed from your credit report. Other types of negative information, such as collection actions, bankruptcies, and late payments, will cycle off your credit report after a set amount of time has passed.

Because lenders and other businesses use your credit report to make decisions about you, it’s important for your credit history to be as accurate as possible. Review your credit report regularly to ensure you know exactly what information others will see when they view your credit history.

In some situations, you can update information on your credit report yourself. In other cases, companies that report to credit bureaus, or the credit bureaus themselves, must update information in your credit profile.

How Others Update Information on Your Credit Report

Most organizations and companies that report information to credit bureaus do so on a monthly basis. However, creditors are not required to report information, so it’s possible that you could have a mortgage, auto loan, or other debt not included on your credit report at all.

How You Can Update Information on Your Credit Report

If you find incorrect information on your credit report, you can dispute the information with the credit bureau that issued the report. The fastest way to resolve errors on your Experian credit report is by reporting the dispute online.