Dispute Fraud Charges on Compromised Credit Card Account

Dear Experian,

We got our credit card information stolen when they hacked into a major retailer's system. The fraud charges caused our credit card balance to go over the limit. Experian is now reporting that we were over the limit on our account. Why? It was clearly not our fault, but when our credit report is viewed it reflects negatively on us.


Dear SHR,

Your first step should be to contact the credit card provider and dispute the charges with them as fraudulent. Once the fraudulent charges are removed from the account, the entry in your report should be updated by the lender. The lender should then update the account information with Experian, removing any reference to the account being over-the-limit.

You may also dispute the information with Experian using its online dispute system. You can upload any documentation you have, as well, to support the dispute. When you submit your dispute, be sure to indicate that the high balance amount is because of fraudulent charges on your account. Experian will contact the creditor to notify them of your dispute and ask them to verify the information.

Experian recently produced this short video that explains how to dispute information in your credit report.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team