Child’s Student Loans Appearing on Credit Report

Dear Experian,

My wife got her credit report and an address that is not ours showed up. We need it removed along with two school loans that are not ours but may be from our daughter.


Dear LSH,

If your wife obtained her credit report directly from Experian, it will include instructions to submit a dispute and a toll-free telephone number, Internet address and mailing address.

Your wife can dispute the student loan account as not hers. At the same time it is a good idea to contact the lender and ask them to update their records to remove her name if you are not contractually associated with the account. However, if your wife cosigned for the student loan, you share responsibility for the debt and it will appear in both credit reports.

You can dispute the address as not yours and may need to send copies of documents verifying your address, such as a copy of a current utility bill.

That also raises another possibility regarding the source of the address. You indicate the address is not yours, but you don't say that you don't recognize it. Is the address your daughter's?

If your wife cosigned the loan, the account and any addresses associated with it will be included in her credit report.

Address information does not affect credit worthiness or credit scores. However, when you cosign for an account, the account information becomes part of your credit history.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team

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