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What Is the Best Way to Get a Credit Freeze Removed?

A credit freeze restricts access from new lenders and other companies to your credit report. If you have previously frozen your credit file at Experian's Freeze Center, you would have received a personal identification number (PIN). You will need to provide that PIN to lift the freeze on your report.

When you enter the PIN at Experian's Freeze Center, you can lift the credit freeze online immediately. You can also call 1 888 EXPERIAN (1 888 397 3742) and provide the PIN to lift the freeze from your credit report.

If you lost your pin number, Experian will need to re-issue one for you. You can follow the instructions listed to have the freeze lifted. You may need to send in identifying information to verify that the person lifting the freeze is actually you. While it may seem inconvenient, we do so to protect you from identity theft and fraud.

If you have frozen your credit report at the other two national credit reporting agencies, you'll need to go to Equifax and Transunion individually as each company may have their own process.

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Scoped on: 11/27/2018