Wells Fargo Reflect℠ Card Review: Finance New Purchases and Old Debt

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The Wells Fargo Reflect℠ Card (Rates & Fees) is a competitive option that offers a generous intro low-APR period for new purchases and qualifying balance transfers. You can also benefit from helpful perks, including cellphone protection and cash back deals. Read on to see why this card might be a good fit for you.


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Good - Exceptional


13.74%-25.74% Variable APR

Intro APR

0% intro APR for up to 21 months from account opening on purchases and qualifying balance transfers



Intro Bonus


Annual Fee


Card Details
  • 0% intro APR for 18 months from account opening on purchases and qualifying balance transfers. Intro APR extension of up to 3 months with on-time minimum payments during the intro and extension periods. 13.74% to 25.74% variable APR thereafter; balance transfers made within 120 days qualify for the intro rate and fee of 3% then a BT fee of up to 5%, min $5
  • $0 Annual Fee
  • Get up to $600 of cell phone protection when you pay your monthly cell phone bill with your eligible Wells Fargo card (subject to a $25 deductible).
  • Through My Wells Fargo Deals, you can earn cash back in the form of a statement credit while you shop, dine, or enjoy an experience simply by using your eligible Wells Fargo Credit Card
  • Select “Apply Now” to learn more about the product features, terms and conditions
  • Matched For You are statements made by Experian and may not reflect Wells Fargo’s underwriting standards

Rates and Fees

Low intro APR for purchases and qualifying balance transfersForeign transaction fee
No annual feeNo rewards program
Wells Fargo Card Services
P.O. Box 51193
Los Angeles, CA 90051-5493

Experian Review

The Wells Fargo Reflect℠ Card offers competitive intro APR periods for new purchases and eligible balance transfers. While this card doesn't offer any rewards, you can save money on interest charges through the special financing offer.

No Annual Fee and Lengthy Intro APR

With this no annual fee card, you can finance new purchases and qualifying balance transfers without interest for up to 21 months from account opening. After the intro period ends, there's a variable APR of 13.74% to 25.74%. The intro 0% APR period initially lasts 21 months from account opening, but can be extended by up to 3 months as long as you continue to make on-time payments for at least the minimum amount due.

The payments you make during the introductory zero-interest period will go entirely toward the principal balance you have, which allows you to pay off debt faster.

Balance transfers made within 120 days of the account opening date qualify for the intro balance transfer fee of 3% ($5 minimum). After that, it increases to 5% ($5 minimum). While this fee may seem like a lot, it can be worthwhile for the amount of money you can save if you pay off the debt during the intro APR period.

Cellphone Protection and Wells Fargo Deals

In addition to a helpful special financing offer, you can benefit from cellphone protection and a way to earn cash back—even though there's no rewards program.

  • Cellphone protection: Receive up to $600 worth of cellphone protection when you pay your monthly cellphone bill with this card. Coverage is limited to eligible expenses resulting from a stolen or damaged phone and subject to a $25 deductible per claim. You can submit a maximum of two claims per 12-month period.
  • My Wells Fargo Deals: Earn cash back in the form of a statement credit when you activate offers through My Wells Fargo Deals and use your card to pay at eligible merchants.

Authorized-User Policy

You can add authorized users to your Wells Fargo Reflect℠ Card online. While you won't have to pay a fee to add an authorized user, you'll be responsible for paying off any charges they make to the account.

Is This Card Right for You?

If you're looking for an intro APR card or a balance transfer credit card, the Wells Fargo Reflect℠ Card can be a great addition to your wallet. By making on-time monthly payments, you can extend the intro APR from 21 months from account opening to 21 months and get even more time to pay off your balance. This card doesn't offer rewards, but you'll be able to activate and earn cash back through My Wells Fargo Deals.

If you're looking for a traditional rewards card, consider the Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card (Rates & Fees). With this card, you can benefit from unlimited 2% cash back on purchases. It also offers special financing, though it's a shorter intro 0% APR for 15 months from account opening on purchases and qualifying balance transfers (then a 15.74%, 20.74%, or 25.74% Variable APR). Balance transfers must be made within 120 days of account opening to qualify for the intro APR rate and intro balance transfer fee of 3% (minimum $5). After that, the fee goes up to 5% (minimum $5).

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