How to Correct an Address in Your Credit Report

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Dear Experian,

I need to dispute an incorrect mailing address on my credit file. What is the process to correct my address?


Dear FLR,

Before disputing an address, be sure that it isn't familiar to you. An address may be reported accurately, even if you've never lived there.

Your creditors may report any address where you have received mail from them. Therefore, your credit report could list work addresses or P.O. boxes.

They may also report any address associated with an account that has your name on it. If you are a cosigner, joint account holder or authorized user on an account, the address of the person with whom you share responsibility for the account may appear on your report.

If there is a typographical error in the address, you can follow the dispute instructions.

An address you do not recognize could be a sign of fraud, particularly if there are other identifying elements you don't recognize or accounts that aren't yours appearing in your report. If so, you should visit Experian's Fraud Center.

If you are certain it is not fraudulent, and the address is not associated with any of your accounts, Experian should be able to remove it at your request.

Any additional addresses which may be associated with one of your accounts should remain, but will not impact your ability to apply for new credit. As long as your current address is present and accurate, then you and potential lenders will be able to access your report when you need it for services.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team