Will Paying Back Child Support Remove It from Your Credit Report?

Will Paying Back Child Support Remove It from Your Credit Report? loading="lazy"
Dear Experian,

About a month or more ago I paid a back child support account I owed. I am trying to purchase a vehicle and it still shows I owe this amount. How can I get this removed?


Dear RNF,

When you pay off a child support account appearing on your credit report, the creditor will automatically update the account to show it has been paid in full. However, sometimes it can take a month or two for that update to be reported to the credit reporting agencies and reflected on your credit reports.

How to Dispute a Child Support Account as Paid

Past due child support is sometimes reported to Experian as an account on your credit report. If you or your lender obtained a recent copy of your Experian credit report and your child support account is still appearing with a past due balance owed, you can dispute the information quickly and easily online. You can also submit your dispute over the phone or by mail using the contact information provided on your credit report.

To dispute, simply click on the account in question and provide an explanation stating that the debt has been paid in full and should be updated. You will also have the option to upload any documentation you have showing that the account has been paid.

You may also wish to contact the child support enforcement agency or office that is reporting the account directly to make sure their records have been updated to reflect that the account has been paid in full.

Paid Accounts Remain on Credit Report

Keep in mind that paying off a debt will not remove it from the credit report. An account that was delinquent prior to being paid in full will remain on the credit report for seven years from the original delinquency date.

Positive accounts remain on the credit report for ten years from the date they are closed.

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The "Ask Experian" Team