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When Will a Paid Judgment Be Removed?

Dear Experian,

I paid a civil judgment in full this year. Will that ever be off my credit report? It shows the amount owed is $0, but it still shows a derogatory mark. Will that ever change?


Dear AFG,

Civil judgments remain on your credit report for seven years from the filing date, so yes, it will eventually be removed, just not immediately. Remember, your credit report is a credit history. While it may still show the original amount that was owed, the payment status of the judgment should indicate that it has been “satisfied.”

What is a Civil Claim Judgment?

When you have a debt that is seriously past due, the creditor may go to court and file suit against you to try to collect the money owed. If you lose the lawsuit, a judgment is filed against you. The judgment is a matter of public record, and will appear under the public records section of your credit report.

How a Judgment Will Appear on a Credit Report Once Paid

Once you pay the amount owed, the creditor notifies the court and the judgment is updated to show it has been satisfied. The public record listing on your credit report will then be updated to show satisfied, but it will not be removed until the seven year time period is up.

You are correct that a judgment that shows satisfied is still considered negative. However, lenders and others viewing your credit report will likely view a paid judgment more favorably than an unpaid one. And, the longer ago the judgment occurred, the less impact it will have on credit scores.

Thank you for asking,
The “Ask Experian” Team

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