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Vacated Judgment Should Be Removed from Credit Report

Dear Experian,

Civil and small claim judgments remain seven years from the filing date. But in my case, the judgment was vacated with the stipulation that the action was discontinued with prejudice. Will the judgment still remain seven years or will it be deleted?


Dear JOM,

The vacated judgment will be deleted from your credit history. When a court vacates a judgment, it is as if the judgment never existed.

The vacated status should be recorded in the courts. The credit reporting companies routinely collect that data, so the changed status should cause the judgment to be deleted from all your credit reports.

I more often hear from people with questions about satisfied judgments, which are quite different than vacated judgments.

A satisfied judgment is the equivalent of a loan that has been paid. It has a zero balance and is no longer active, but it will remain on the credit report. A paid judgment will continue to appear on a person’s credit report for seven years from the filing date.

Unpaid judgments remain for the same period of time. However, a paid judgment often will have a slightly less negative impact the older it gets, so paying it may help in the long run.

Thanks for asking.
The “Ask Experian” team