“Statement of Dispute” Delaying Mortgage Refinance

Dear Experian,

We are refinancing our house. There was an account on my husband's credit report that he had disputed at the time it was reported. It is still showing disputed. The mortgage lender told us they needed a letter from the company stating it is no longer being disputed. We did that. Now they are saying they need the statement of dispute to be removed from the credit report, and they are telling us the credit bureau is going to charge us to do that. I have never heard of the credit bureau requiring payment. Is this correct?


Dear MMI,

Experian never charges a person to dispute information in their credit report, including requests that statements of dispute be removed. However, the mortgage lender may charge you for a new credit report in order to verify that the dispute statement has been removed before proceeding with loan approval.

If the statement was placed on the report by the lender, the lender typically removes it when the dispute process is completed. If that hasn't happened, Experian can dispute it for you upon request.

For detailed information on the disputing process, see How to Dispute Credit Report Information.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team