Is Employment Listed in your Credit Report?

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The list of employers on your credit report is not meant to be an employment history. The employers you see listed on your credit report come from the information you have provided on past credit applications. If you have started a new job, and you haven't applied for credit in the time you have been at that job, that employer will probably not appear on your credit history.

This is not cause for concern because the employment information on your credit report is used as an identification tool and does not affect your credit scores.

When you apply for credit and the lender checks your credit history, they may use all the identifying information you provided (including your name, address, Social Security number and even your employer) to verify your identity by matching it to the identifying information in your credit report.

Lenders report the information you provide on your credit applications to the credit bureaus. If you apply for credit and list your current and previous employers, the lender may report that employment information to Experian, which then becomes part of your credit report.

Because the Employer section on your credit report is only updated when you apply for new credit, the list of employers may not be comprehensive. There may be gaps in your employment list depending on when you last applied for credit, but this has no effect on your credit history.

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Scoped on: 11/29/2016