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Experian does not knowingly maintain credit information on minors in our database. If you are a minor who is 14 years old or older, you may request a copy of your personal credit report, add a fraud alert or place or remove a security freeze by using this web site, or by calling 1 800 311 4769, or by writing to us. We will either process your request or notify you that we do not have credit information about you. Credit reports for minors who are 13 years of age or under cannot be accessed online because the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act restricts the online collection of personal information regarding children. Parents of minors 13 years of age or under who want to know if Experian's database contains credit information about their child may write to us.

In order for us to find out if Experian's database contains credit information about your minor child, you will need write to us with all of the following: A copy of your driver's license or another government issued identification card, such as a state ID card, etc.; proof of your address, such as a copy of a bank statement, utility bill, insurance statement, etc.; a copy of your child's birth certificate; a copy of your child's Social Security card; your child's full name, including middle initial and generation, such as JR, SR, II, III, etc.; your child's date of birth; and previous addresses for the past two years. You may also submit your request or documents supporting your claim electronically at experian.com/upload.

Mail this form, along with payment (if applicable) to:

PO Box 9554
Allen, TX 75013

Your identification information


City State ZIP code

Social Security number

Date of birth

Home telephone number Extension Business/alternate phone Extension

Report number
Please select one of the following options:
[  ] Order your child's personal credit report
[  ] Add a temporary fraud alert to your child's credit file
[  ] Add an extended fraud victim’s alert to your child's credit file
[  ] Place a security freeze on your child's credit file
[  ] Temporarily remove a security freeze from your child's credit file
[  ] Permanently remove a security freeze from your child's credit file

[  ] Check here if you are blind or visually impaired within the meaning of the Americans with Disabilities Act and can provide proof upon request, indicating that you are eligible to receive your credit report or score report in an alternate format such as Braille, Large Print or Audio CD.
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