We help employers turn workforce management into a competitive advantage

Enhance performance

Outsource time-consuming tasks to our experts so you can focus on what you do best. Our easy-to-use tools help automate complex processes and ensure your people are thriving.

Maximize profits and ROI

Increase your team’s efficiency and reduce real costs to help improve your bottom line. We know the rules of the game and help to ensure you aren’t leaving good money unclaimed.

Make data-driven decisions

Unleash the power of data and analytics to optimize your programs and make more informed business decisions. We track leading and lagging indicators to help you enhance results.

Gain peace of mind

We’re dedicated to helping you maintain compliance. Our compliance experts will help you interpret and confidently respond to regulatory mandates, without pain or friction.

How we can help

We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to help your organization across the employee life cycle — each differentiated by powerful data, flexible technology, world-class security and expert support.

Electronic I-9 management

Electronic I-9 management

Automate I-9 verification to reduce clerical errors, increase efficiency, avoid costly fines and boost compliance rates.

Effective collaboration

Tax credits and incentives

Our tax experts will ensure your organization takes advantage of all the tax credits and incentives available to you at the federal, state and local levels.

Showing essential employment and income data

Income and employment verification fulfillment

Eliminate 100% of your workforce verification workload while providing compelling value for all stakeholders. Our secure process ensures employee data is accurate, timely and released to authorized verifiers only with consent.

Filling out unemployment claims

Unemployment claims & SUI tax management

Take the risks and burdens of unemployment claims management off your HR team. From submission to hearing, we can help you recover UI overpayments, improve your claims win rates and get your unemployment tax costs under control.

Oursourcing tax management

Employment tax

Capitalize on employment tax succession by outsourcing management of tax advisory services and consulting, merger and acquisition consulting services, and statutory account review.

Year-end tax and ACA statements

Year-end tax and ACA statements

Create a stress-free, compliant experience during tax season with Experian handling print and electronic fulfillment of tax and ACA statements and all required federal/state reporting.

Tax witholding services

Tax witholding services

Remove the complexities of managing employee tax withholding by ensuring employees always complete the latest federal, state and local tax forms — essential with today’s hybrid workforce. Provide a seamless experience for employees using our integration with Workday and others.

We’re committed to you

Our hands-on, consultative approach will help ensure our services are tailored and optimized for your business. As your trusted partner, we’re accountable for the timeliness, accuracy and fidelity of your results.

Continuous innovation

We understand your needs and your employees’ demands evolve over time. We will continuously raise the bar for HR, payroll and tax professionals.

Complete transparency

As a leading credit bureau, data security is essential to our business and we’re committed to treating your data as if it were our own. You’ll always know how your data is being used and how it benefits your organization.

People first

We relentlessly advocate for your employees. As the consumers’ bureau, we strive to benefit consumers in everything we do. We offer an engaging, intuitive and interactive experience for your candidates and employees versus an impersonal call center.

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Streamline your workforce management challenges and unlock your organization’s true potential

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