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Develop actionable insights

Use our expansive list of data sources for deeper insights and better analytical decision-making. Our vast data repository includes insights on 245 million credit-active consumers, 25 million businesses, trended data to uncover payment behavior patterns over time and the industry’s largest alternative data set from nontraditional lenders and more.

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Greater decisioning power

Apply predictive attributes to gain a comprehensive view of consumer credit behavior and use custom scoring models to better predict future performance. When used together, these deep analytical insights provide greater precision in your decisions.

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Improved market agility

Use real-time analytics insights to more accurately predict and respond to market shifts and rapidly changing consumer or business behavior. Stay ahead of the competition by making faster, more informed decisions.

Frequently asked questions

Analytics insights refer to the information that can be gained from analyzing data using advanced techniques. This information can include understanding patterns and trends in the data, identifying correlations between different variables and making predictions about future events. Analytics insights can help organizations make better decisions and improve their operations.

Analytical decision making, also known as analytical decisioning, can help automate any decisioning processes by identifying patterns and trends in data to make predictions and recommendations. Some examples of decisions that can be automated with analytical decision making include:

  • Automating credit scoring and originations processes 

  • Identifying potential fraud in transactions

  • Recommending products or services to customers based on their past behavior and preferences

Analytical insights can provide increased agility by helping organizations quickly and accurately analyze data and make decisions based on that analysis, and can also help reduce manual intervention. These insights can help organizations gain a better understanding of their operations and the factors that drive their success, increase operational efficiency by automating decisioning and make more accurate predictions. Overall, analytical insights allow organizations to respond more quickly to changes in the market and maintain a competitive advantage.


Let’s tackle your analytical decisioning challenges

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