Our cloud-based applications and solutions integrate data, automate decisioning, deploy custom models, fight fraud and more

Innovative technology

Experian® enables our clients to power forward ahead of the competition with advanced cloud technologies, platforms and software solutions through performance and scalability.

Access to breadth and depth of Experian’s data assets on demand

We enable you to use a variety of robust modeling tools to accelerate model development and gain market insights.

Make better business decisions

We offer solutions to help companies save money and time, as well as improve the speed and ease of decision-making and responding to customers.

How we can help

Our cloud-based applications and solutions help you automate your processes, manage your portfolios and focus on your customers.

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Experian Ascend Technology Platform™

Move ahead of the market with solutions powered by data, AI and machine learning in a secure hybrid-cloud environment.

Level up with effective collaboration

Decisioning software

Our decisioning tools and products are designed to increase the precision, speed and agility of decision-management processes.

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Advanced data analytics platforms

Automate data connectivity across credit bureaus and client data sources to harness the value of expanding data assets for a complete view of your customers at the time of account origination.

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Identity platforms

Build full customer profiles and resolve customer identities.

Bringing ideas to the table

Loan origination software

Acquire more profitable customers through adaptive and targeted approaches.

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Customer data platform

Get a complete picture of online and offline customer engagement.

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Experian Marketing Engine™

Power up your automotive marketing.

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Fraud prevention platform

Manage fraud prevention and identity services in a better way.

Innovative and powerful solutions for your every need

Our cloud-based applications are designed to provide your organization with the best analytical capabilities.

Big data platform

Our Experian Ascend Technology Platform is built on top of big data platforms and is integrated with tools such as R, Python and Tableau.

On-demand access to extensive data

We provide your organization with the freshest and widest range of commercial, consumer and alternative data on demand. 

Stay ahead of fraud

Effectively manage fraud and identity solutions through one single point of access.

Manage your portfolio

Use our cloud solutions to analyze shifts in risk profiles, identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and more.

Advanced modeling capabilities

Our custom modeling capabilities allow your organization to quickly and effectively incorporate analytics and custom models into your everyday workflow.

Decision management

Develop and deploy decision strategies more easily than before. You can also evaluate how well the strategies are working and continuously improve them over time.


See where cloud-based applications and platforms can take your business

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