Identity verification and fraud solutions

Securely identify and authenticate users across the customer lifecycle

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Identify intelligently

Increase your confidence as you identify, authenticate and authorize access to applications, payment platforms, systems or networks with user rights and restrictions with our flexible identity verification solutions.

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Confirm identity legitimacy

Leverage trusted data and advanced analytics to ensure the individual and business identities you’re interacting with are legitimate and being used by their true owners and without fraudulent intent.

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Verify true customers and deter fraudsters 

Provide consumers and businesses with the security they want as you confirm identities while managing the ever-increasing volume of online and mobile account registrations with our online identity verification solutions.

How we can help

Our identity verification solutions enable you to build trust with consumers, small businesses, charities, potential employees, renters and more.

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Background and employment screening

Make the right hiring decision to save money and help mitigate potential risk.

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Build a strong identity verification solution to identify and compliantly authenticate users across their lifecycle.

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Fraud management

Mitigate fraud risk by verifying identities and recognizing a single unique identity.

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Identity authentication and MFA

Leverage multifactor authentication to apply effective, appropriate and low-friction identity verification to each consumer interaction.

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Identity proofing

Verify in-person and remote consumer identities with confidence during acquisition and origination.

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Identity resolution

Reduce friction and optimize customer interactions by using data to recognize a single unique identity across different touchpoints using different identifiers in order to and provide a consistent brand experience.

Seamlessly verify identities and minimize fraud with flexible, scalable identity verification solutions

Verification and consumer satisfaction needs can both be met with an identity solution backed by the right data and analytics.

71 percent

of consumers are concerned about identity theft when transacting online. 

84 percent

of consumers say privacy and security are the most important factors that contribute to their online experience.

88 percent

of consumers say their perception of a business is improved when a business invests in the customer experience, namely security.

Frequently asked questions

Online identity verification is the process of digitally confirming the identity of a user. Whether you’re reviewing an account application or approving an online transaction, you need to know that the person you’re dealing with is a real person who’s eligible to use the services.

  • Improve customer experience with lower-friction identity recognition methods and higher approval rates for good, verified customers.

  • Raise fraud detection and lower losses through low -false positives and needless referrals.

  • Gain cost efficiencies through only leveraging step-up authentication treatments for those customer interactions truly warranting additional verification.

  • Improve reputation and security by invoking the right account management techniques across the customer lifecycle. 

  • Seamlessly confirming that the presented payment method is owned by the identity presenting it.

ID verification software is a solution that helps ensure a consumer or business entity is who they say they are, and that their online identity matches their real-world information. This software may use a variety of identity verification tools to confirm the legitimacy of the identity and that the user presenting the identity is the true owner.


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