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Identify intelligently

Identify, authenticate and authorize access to applications, systems or networks with user rights and restrictions with our identity verification solutions.

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Confirm identity legitimacy

Leverage trusted data and advanced analytics to ensure individual and business identities are legitimate and being used by their real owner.

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Verify true customers and frustrate fraudsters

Confirm identities while managing the ever-increasing volume of online and mobile account registrations with our online identity verification.

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How we can help

Our identity verification solutions enable you to build trust with consumers, small businesses, charities, potential employees and renters.

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Background and employment screening

Make the right hiring decision to save money and help mitigate potential risk.

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Charity screening solutions

Create a financial screening solution that allows you to remain solvent by actively seeking reimbursement and payment when available and applicable.

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KYC/ID certification

Build a strong identity verification solution to identify and compliantly authenticate users across the customer life cycle. 

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Rental screening solutions

Bring the right renters home with a suite of solutions to screen and verify potential tenants.  


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