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Our comprehensive Sentinel fraud solutions blend consumer and business datasets to create predictive insights on the legitimacy of businesses, their ability to repay and the likelihood of credit abuse.


450M the amount of criminal court filings related to abuses of Coronavirus aid (CARES Act).

Source: Aite Group - Trends in Fraud in the Digital Channel, 2021

~60% Of all fraud falls under credit abuse fraud, committed by a legitimate business or criminal enterprise.

Source: Aite Group - Fraud in Small-Business Lending, 2021

~33% Approximately 1/3 of fraud is committed by submitting doctored financial documentation.

Source: Aite Group - Fraud in Small-Business Lending, 2021

Learn about our next-generation Sentinel Commercial Entity Fraud Suite

Blended data for laser precise verification

Enable account onboarding by detecting fraud at the top of the digital funnel with verification tools that blend business and consumer datasets to verify the legitimacy of new businesses.

Real-time fraud detection

Protect your business against multiple types of fraud by examining intricate identity linkages to better evaluate the risk of credit application and identity compromise. Quickly and efficiently detect fraud threats before they eat into your bottom line.

Optimize overall customer experience

Gain the ability to create safeguards for accounts within the danger zone while reducing friction for low-risk accounts. Detect the likelihood of first-payment defaults with different account segments.

Connect with one of our fraud experts today to see up to a 15% lift in fraudulent accounts identified in your portfolio.

Commercial Fraud Insights

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