Introducing Experian™ Multipoint Verification

A new way to stop commercial application fraud

Multipoint verification leverages the newest data attributes available on multiple points of the business and business owner’s identity in the application process.

A global credit card issuer saw a 15% lift

A global credit card issuer saw a 15% lift in fraudulent accounts identified in their small business portfolio leveraging Experian Multipoint Verification in combination with their current fraud tools.



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Shut out commercial application fraud by analyzing business owner and business entity data

Multipoint Verification connects business owner and business entity data to form actionable insights on the validity of the information supplied in commercial applications.

Revenue Growth

Protect your firm from different types of fraud

At a time when commercial application fraud is on the rise, firms can continue to grow while taking a hard stance against fraud by leveraging Multipoint Verification to stop synthetic and third-party application fraud.

Operational Efficiency

Minimize manual and costly investigations

Multipoint Verification helps you keep fraud investigation costs down by pulling disparate data on business and business owners into a single location.

Risk Management

Optimize your customer experience with precise decisioning

Multipoint Verification can be integrated into your decisioning workflow, helping your customers enjoy frictionless experiences while slowing down potentially fraudulent applications.

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