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Business information with a human touch to power your success

There is one place you can find fresh, accurate and targeted information about virtually every business in the United States — the U.S. Business Database from Experian. You’ll find precise information on more than 16 million active U.S. companies — even those less than a year old. You can view this data through any of more than 60 filters to see the exact information you want. If you’re looking for new commercial prospects, no other business database in America is as thorough, current and accurate as Experian’s.

Human verification, while difficult, is the only way to properly clean, confirm and enforce quality. Compiled from more than 6,000 sources and validated with verification calls each day from U.S. call centers, Experian’s U.S. Business Database lets you view its deep, rich information repository to help you:

  • Target the right businesses — Pinpoint business prospects using a wide range of firmographic and trade credit attributes to target companies of all sizes that can best use your information today.
  • Enhance your customer knowledge — Keep information current and gain deeper insights into the nature of your customers with the most up-to-date, verified business information.
  • Reach decision-makers — Direct your messaging to key individuals, from small-business owners to senior executives; identify the right contact; and make your messaging customer-centric, speaking directly to people empowered to buy your products or services.
  • Find new businesses — Learn about new businesses sooner and be the first to reach out to them using Experian’s U.S. Business Database, which has more than 250 sources that specifically identify new businesses.

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