Experian DataShare™

Owner-permissioned data right at your fingertips.

We work with you to:

  • Solve the outdated and manual process of gathering, sharing, and analyzing applicants’ financial statements.
  • Significantly increase process efficiencies, make faster decisions, and streamline the lending journey for small-to-medium sized businesses.
  • Deliver efficiency gains while materially reducing risk, allowing you to review financial data in real-time, and understand the trends in your client’s liquidity.
Let Experian help solve many common challenges you might face today

Increase client retention with a simplified user experience

Experian DataShare will accelerate new client onboarding and help increase retention through a simplified user experience. The platform integrates with over 100 versions of cloud and on-premise packages to deliver unparalleled accounting connectivity, flexible platform deployment, and instant audit or credit intelligence. It supports 100% of desktop and online accounting packages... including document uploading. Clients get faster decisions and have technical support if they experience any issues during their onboarding journey. Experian DataShare creates a digital pathway that removes the friction associated with the document gathering process. Start your digital journey to collect, format and interpret your client financials today!

Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth

Experian DataShare will give you the capability to accelerate new client onboarding and renewals. Given its ability to pre-empt client needs it allows you to increase acquisitions, reduce rejections and realize up-sell/cross-sell opportunities. Reducing friction and getting a decision quickly are typically the difference between gaining a customer or losing them to the competition. Experian DataShare improves the user experience and commonly reduces time to cash by 65%.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Experian DataShare allows you to reduce the time and cost associated with the manual processing of business accounting data. It will securely and efficiently extract full financial data from your client’s accounting package in real time and build key financial reports and ratios. It eliminates the manual burden of document collection for covenants and annual reviews.  Financials can be flagged to allow underwriting to focus purely on the accounts that have been degraded since your last review.  The platform automatically refreshes data on a quarterly or annual basis, saving your customers time, further enhancing the customer experience.

Risk Management

Risk Management

How do we help with risk management? Experian DataShare improves the effectiveness of underwriting and portfolio servicing with consistent financial statement data. The solution standardizes outputs regardless the accounting package used. Credit and risk teams have access to standardized data allowing for faster, more informed decisions. As part of risk based auditing, Experian DataShare gives you access to granular journal entry data, allowing you to apply fraud based testing.

Experian DataShare is available via our online platform or API, talk to your account executive today!

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