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We believe every business in America should be represented and financial inclusion for small businesses means better performance for all.

Experian unlocks the power of data to create opportunities. We gather, analyze and process data in ways others can’t. We help businesses make smarter decisions and thrive, extend credit more responsibly, and prevent identity fraud and first payment default.

Contributing data helps all small businesses be credit visible to access financing solutions sooner!

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Financial inclusion

Small businesses help all businesses. Their success is beneficial to yours!

As a commercial data contributor to BIS, you help your customers establish and grow their business credit. This improved credit visibility means greater access to more favorable business loans & lines of credit, lower rates for insurance, longer terms from vendors and suppliers, qualification for government & corporate contracts, and raising money from investors.

Large companies depend on small businesses as customers, subcontractors, and vendors. As small businesses gain access to the financing they need to succeed, they can increase their relationships with the companies they work with.

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On-Time Payments

Contributing your customers’ payment behaviors provides overall account visibility to small business owners. This transparency provides them a better understanding of how creditors and lenders view their credit performance and the ability to improve their credit stewardship.

Increase the likelihood of on-time payments and reduce slow-pay or no-pay accounts by adding your data through Experian’s Commercial Data Contribution Program. Companies know that they can make a positive impact to their credit and scores by paying on-time to those companies that contribute.

Business owner contributing commercial data

Broader views & access

When you and other businesses contribute customer payment behavior, it provides a more complete view of their credit performance. It means more experiences with the customer will be included to provide a more objective and accurate picture of the customer’s risk. And, by contributing to Experian, it makes your account eligible for access to additional products and services only made available to Experian data contributors. It’s a win-win!

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Interested in contributing your business customer accounts to Experian?

Participation in the program provides many benefits to you and your customers including financial inclusion, on-time payments, streamlined processes and more!

If you are a Small Business in need of assistance on your own business credit report, please visit Small Business and its Help center.

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