Trade Reporting Program

Reporting business, commercial and small business portfolios to Experian is simple and secure

Trade Reporting Program

About Our Trade Reporting Program

Managing credit risk is an inextricable part of business. Access to resources that reliably reduce the daily risks you face should be a welcomed addition to the spectrum of tools that you currently use. While risk may never be eliminated completely, it can be minimized by reporting your business, commercial and small business portfolios to Experian.

Benefits of reporting include:

  • Improve customer accountability — Customers that are aware you report to Experian are far less likely to default on their debt because it may inhibit their ability to obtain credit elsewhere.
  • Customer satisfaction — Good credit is a valuable asset in today’s economy, reporting rewards your good customers for their prompt and conscientious payments.
  • Minimize delinquencies — Credit grantors may offer credit to your customer not knowing that the customer already has an obligation to you. This may cause your customers to become overextended financially, possibly forcing them into deciding which creditor gets paid and which doesn’t.

An Experian data representative will provide you with layout details suited to your industry and forms to get started with this free service.

To contribute data you must be able to:

  • Export data into one of the following formats — TXT, CSV or XLS (Excel - saved as comma delimited)
  • Send data via electronic encrypted transmission
  • Update your data monthly

For information on Experian’s Consumer Data Reporting Program, please click here

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