Experian FusionIQTM app

Integrate business risk data with Salesforce.com

Experian FusionIQ app

Integrate Current and Accurate Business Risk Information With Your Salesforce.com Records

Companies no longer use Salesforce.com just as a sales application. They now leverage it as a platform for delivering customer engagement and operational efficiency. The new Experian FusionIQ app allows you to leverage the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system as a platform for improving account management, enhancing customer experience and increasing operational efficiencies.

The Experian FusionIQ app allows you to:

  • Get a 360-degree view of your business customers and prospects by accessing Experian risk data such as credit scores, public-record data, corporate linkage and trade-payment information in your Salesforce.com records
  • Increase operational efficiencies by allowing different departments to share customer information and automate the decisioning process
  • Increase your revenue streams by turning prospects into customers and short-term customers into long-term accounts more quickly
  • Lower the cost per sale by shortening turnaround times
  • Proactively identify your riskiest accounts as well as those with the most up-sell potential via score changes, public record filings and payment status change alerts

Unlike most competing Salesforce.com-compatible applications, Experian’s app does not charge for user licenses or require extensive customization. You pay only for the data you access.

The Experian FusionIQ app is now available

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