SBFE Data from the Small Business Financial Exchange provides more than 19 years of small-business tradeline data that can be combined with Experian's extensive commercial, consumer, and alternative data assets to more accurately and efficiently assess small business risk. Experian harnesses advanced techniques such as machine learning to maximize match rates, improve entity resolution, and optimize analytical impact. Our data, technology, and delivery platforms facilitate a seamless customer experience and increased automation for robust decisioning.

Data Diversity

Access a wealth of small business and owner information that can drive greater accuracy in the areas of fraud prevention, underwriting, account management, and collections.

Advanced Analytics

Experian's innovative analytic techniques, platforms, and delivery systems help you accelerate model development, maximize portfolio performance, and develop powerful business strategies.

Expert Data Sciences

Our commercial data sciences team combines the latest analytical techniques with decades of experience to provide full data sciences support or complement your existing data sciences teams.

Elevate your insights with Experian.

Powering risk intelligence within the small business portfolio

Overcome Market Challenges

  • Acquire and underwrite new customers effectively
  • Manage existing customers to optimize growth while minimizing risk within your portfolio
  • Power forward with innovative technologies, platforms, and software solutions

SBFE Data Fast Facts

  • 39+ million estimated businesses represented
  • 85+ million accounts/tradelines
  • 9 of the top 10 commercial lenders contribute
  • 10/10 largest U.S. business card issuers contribute
  • 19+ years of small-business tradeline data
  • 420+ portfolios, majority from financial lenders 


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