Small Business Financial ExchangeTM

Empower small businesses by giving them the credit they deserve

SBFE Data from the Small Business Financial Exchange, Experian’s newest data source, provides more than 17 years of small-business tradeline data that can be leveraged for analytics and model development. With the addition of SBFE Data, Experian’s commercial information solutions provide greater coverage of small-business financial health. SBFE Data is available on Experian’s Analytical SandboxTM and batch appends and archives.

Data Quality

Access expanded data breadth and quality for a more accurate risk assessment giving our customers the ability to make accurate decisions.

Advanced Analytics

Discover new business opportunities and optimize your existing portfolio’s profitability through advanced analytics and technology.

Expert Data Sciences

Collaborate with our expert decision sciences team and business consulting to more rapidly impact profitability.

Better data, greater insights. Let Experian help you on your data journey.

Overcome Market Challenges

Experian’s implementation of SBFE Data, in our analytical sandbox and batch appends and archives, leverages modern machine learning technology and big data analytics to drive performance and maximize predictive power to accurately predict small business risk. With our innovative probabilistic search and match techniques, we are able to optimize identity resolution providing more accurate risk assessment and reducing friction when acquiring or managing customers.

SBFE Data Fast Facts

  • 38+ million businesses represented
  • 82+ million accounts/tradelines
  • 12/15 top commercial lenders contribute
  • 10/10 large U.S. business card issuers contribute
  • 17+ years of small-business tradeline data
  • 415+ portfolios, majority from financial lenders

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