Small Business Credit ShareSM program

Unparalleled insight into small businesses

Small Business Credit Share Program

Providing small businesses the credit they have earned

The Small Business Credit Share program is a consortium of companies that share expanded payment performance data on products like lines of credit; credit cards; loans; leases; and first creditors for emerging businesses such as utilities and telecommunications. As a member, you get access to reports, scores and special offers that are exclusive to the program. Experian® also can provide access to consumer data for a complete picture of a small-business owner or guarantor.

The exclusive data on millions of small businesses gives you a competitive advantage, with information and the latest scores that improve risk decisions on small businesses by 40 percent.

To ensure small businesses receive the credit they deserve, a summarized version of this data is provided to nonmembers. Members include some of the largest small-business creditors in the United States.

  • Access member-only comprehensive credit reports with expanded payment performance data and benchmarking.
  • Powerful score performance, with the new Small Business Credit Share acquisition model 2.0 providing 40 percent greater performance than standard credit scores.
  • Gain powerful portfolio scoring by three portfolio model types (all financial model, commercial credit card model or commercial retail credit card model).

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Small business credit share helps businesses get the credit they deserve.

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