Pinpoint business identity theft in commercial portfolios

The Business ID Theft Score offers:
  • Machine-learned models that produce a non-adverse actionable score ranged 300 - 850 
  • Score factors to provide valuable point-in-time information on inquiry velocity, recent credit usage, and data consistency
  • Commercial-only attributes that bypass the need for FCRA or GLBA requirements
  • Breadth and depth of Experian’s 28M+  business records


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Stop third-party business identity fraud in your commercial lending and crediting portfolios

As Experian’s newest commercial entity fraud tool, the Business ID Theft Score works with your lending and crediting processes to prevent fraud and reduce unnecessary losses. The score, ranged 300-850, leverages Experian’s powerful transactional data and search inquiry network to provide unparalleled coverage and predictive value so you can:

Mitigate risk to grow your business with confidence

Streamline application approvals and limit time spent on manual reviews

Quickly and easily develop treatment paths with an actionable score

Securely speed up account openings for legitimate customers

Account Originations

Improve application screenings and entity authentications for faster approvals and onboarding.


Quickly separate high-risk applicants from legitimate customers to better manage your applicant pool.

Portfolio Management

Perform health checks on existing customers for historical benchmarking.

Shock-proof your commercial strategy with comprehensive fraud tools

Our holistic commercial fraud eBook for the most comprehensive perspective on holistic commercial fraud detection and prevention.


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