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Experian Business Information Services is excited to introduce our next-generation commercial collection suite that provides end-to-end tools to help you collect on outstanding debt. With a new and innovative scoring model built specifically for commercial recovery, you’ll be able to prioritize delinquent accounts with higher likelihood of payment and help expedite the collection process. Outside of debt prioritization, this solution suite also provides commercial skip tracing and corporate linkage data to help identify alternative operating locations and contacts associated with your delinquent accounts. For those seeking to monitor key activities within their delinquent account base, the collection suite can also be leveraged for event-based triggers to help spur further collection activity.

Try our new commercial collection suite today and help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your debt recovery efforts.


Reduce the time spent on pursuing the wrong customers for repayment so you can focus your time and resources on the right customers.


Develop score segmentation strategies to apply appropriate collection methods that maximize recovery rate and reduce cost. Benchmarked against state-of-the art machine learning methods, you can be confident in the score’s performance and ability to enhance your process.

Modern and Flexible

Built using the freshest commercial data and modern modeling techniques, customers can choose from two collection scores to maximize their results and conform to varying model governance standards.

Let Experian meet you where you are today and take you to where you want to be.

Market challenges

Despite a strong economy, many companies are evaluating recession proofing strategies for their business in the event of a potential downturn. As part of such strategies, companies are inquiring more about score-based automation and how it could help them to better manage their commercial collection efforts and cash flow.

By leveraging a modern commercial recovery model with flexible delivery capabilities (Batch and API) you can quickly and easily drive results across your debt recovery process to help maximize cash flow.

Fast facts

  • Get instant access to Experian’s commercial database, which covers 99.9 percent of all U.S. businesses
  • Access to two state-of-the art collection models
  • Proactively monitor key trigger events for collection activity
  • Integrate the collections score with internal systems and workflow
  • Standardized process for consistent activity and results
  • Commercial skip tracing to identify alternate business addresses and contacts
  • Corporate linkage to identify additional operating locations

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Creating a Recession-Proof Collections Model

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