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Target and acquire new customers using Experian’s marketing solutions

Optimize your client acquisition strategies

At its core, B2B Marketing focuses on building valuable relationships to secure and maintain long-term customers. Experian is dedicated to providing you with the data, insights, services and expertise to help your business thrive. With a suite of specialized Business Marketing solutions, our experts can help you create highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

If you’re ready to know more about your customers and prospects than ever before, reach them across channels and discover just how effective your marketing can be, let’s get to work together.

  • U.S. Business Marketing Data — Access the most comprehensive and accurate business file on the market, with over 16 million active businesses with unique identifiers.
  • Data Quality & Governance — Establish business-driven data quality definitions, data quality assessment & monitoring, and Operational data governance.
  • Business Email — Profit from the industry’s most thorough and accurate business email database of over 60 million email addresses.
  • UCCs for Marketing — Increase quality of records by eliminating inactive businesses and improve targeting by identifying businesses who may be seeking credit.
  • Small Businesses — Tap into a specialized database of 20 million small businesses.
  • Marketing Analytics — Analyze your current customer database to determine the most profitable prospects.
  • Credit Risk Data for Marketing — Leverage pre-calculated credit risk attributes to maximize approval rates & improve customer experience
  • Corporate Linkage — Link related businesses within a corporate structure, chain, and professional firm.
  • End to End Business Marketing Database — Experian’s best-in-class service for building, managing and delivering value from a business-to-business marketing database. Combine data from multiple sources and provides a customized, single market view driving targeted marketing activities and business insight.

Marketing Analytics

Improve your bottom line with the key services provided by Marketing Analytics from Experian, including customized profiling, predictive modeling and segmentation.

U.S. Business Database

Improve your B2B targeting with the industry’s most comprehensive and reliable U.S. business file.

Business TargetIQ

Elevate your marketing strategy with the power of credit data.

Business Email Services

Improve your marketing ROI by reaching the right audience via the right channel.

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