Experian™ Commercial First Party Fraud Score

Fraud detection using machine learned models

First Party Fraud Score -  Accurately assign fraud losses Reduce decisioning risk, Leverage the Experian blended model

The First Party Fraud Score is a commercial only blended model used to predict entity first party fraud risk and identify early or first payment default and credit risk bust out scenarios.

Stay ahead of the various types of fraudsters

Protect yourself from first party fraud, third party fraud, and synthetic identity fraud.



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Differentiating between fraud attacks allows you to get more prescriptive, more predictive, and make decisions faster.

When it comes to beating fraudsters, using a one-size-fits-all model isn’t effective and can cost you unnecessary time and money. With Experian’s First Party Fraud Score you can distinguish between the different types of fraud attacks to improve modeling and accurately assign fraud losses.

Revenue Growth

Accurately Detect First Party Fraud

Leverage Experian’s broad “cross-lender” view for a more robust picture of applicants’ lifestyles, stability, and predict their intent.

Operational Efficiency

Reduce Decisioning Risk

Experian’s unique data assets provide industry-leading commercial data coverage for expanded data breadth and depth, resulting in better decisioning.

Risk Management

Lower Costs and Workloads

Replace labor-intensive processes and consistently approach identity fraud to reduce analyst workload by automating the decisioning process.

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