We provide an integrated, state-of-the art technology platform that leverages the power of our analytics environment with multiple data sources to power opportunities across the entire credit lifecycle.

We work with you to:

  • Provide on-demand analytical insights to develop and validate new models 
  • Execute quickly on key business strategies and decisions
  • Optimize marketing strategies and portfolio management
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Empowering companies across industries through our Experian Ascend Commercial Suite to drive deeper insights, identify risk areas, and improve outcomes

Actionable Analytics

Rapid Model Validation and Development

Microservices offers an effective way to conduct model validations and reject inferencing studies for more rapid implementation and dynamic decisioning.

  • Dramatically reduce time to market by up to 50%.
  • Minimal investments required: less time, resources, and capital.
  • A modernized process over what has been traditionally expensive, manually intensive, and time consuming.

Market-leading Intelligence

Benchmarking provides an on-demand visualization and reporting tool that provides a comprehensive view of our data to power strategic decisions, stay ahead of the industry, and dynamically respond to market conditions.

  • Benchmark your portfolio against the industry’s performance.
  • Analyze penetration across customer risk profiles and find areas of opportunities.
  • Analyze market share and identify market expansion opportunities.
Data Services

Actionable Analytics & On-Demand Delivery

Experian provides a cloud-based data and analytics platform enabling deeper insights, data visualization, and business intelligence.

  • Data and analytic capabilities in one centralized location.
  • Enable instant access to Experian’s commercial, consumer, and non-traditional data, 3rd party data, and your customer data through Experian’s identity linkage capabilities.
  • Built with configurations to fit organizations of every size and skill level.

Experian’s Ascend Analytical Sandbox

FinTech Breakthrough Award 2019 for Best Overall Analytics Platform. Find out how to deploy more advanced analytics even with internal resource constraints

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