Business Compliance InsightSM

For us, it’s about making regulatory compliance easy on you — and your customers.

Business Compliance Insight

Stay alert: Receive proactive notifications on important customer and supplier events

In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, companies may be faced with meeting multiple Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering requirements while optimizing efficiencies to manage their budget and ensure customer satisfaction. That’s why Experian created Business Compliance Insight.

Faster manual review and enhanced due diligence

Whether you’re evaluating merchants, suppliers or customers, Business Compliance Insight helps analysts quickly conduct manual reviews by bringing together intelligence from multiple data sources on businesses and potential beneficial owners in one easy-to-read report, to be used as part of a complete investigation.

  • Faster, more reliable reviews.
  • Gives a single point of access for a preliminary review.
  • Supports business customer identification requirements.
  • Determines possible regulatory watchlist matches and government sanctions for the business and business contacts identified in the report.
  • Establishes potentially undisclosed beneficial owners.
  • Furnishes industry information and business structure for risk assignment.
  • Assesses business financial stability.
  • Pinpoints affiliates and high-risk conditions.
  • Provides insights into a history of complaints filed against the company.

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