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Experian’s account management solutions can score and monitor your overall customer base and alert you to new derogatory or new positive information. Score your entire portfolio and rank accounts by risk or opportunities. Identify and prioritize collections on businesses that warrant additional attention.

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Stay alert to minimize portfolio risk. Spot opportunities to optimize portfolio growth. Save time and improve results of your collections efforts.

Account Monitoring Services

Account Monitoring Services

Reduce delinquency and bad debt by proactively monitoring your customers. Save time and money with this efficient account management process. Improve results of collections efforts.

Portfolio Scoring

Portfolio Scoring

Find new revenue opportunities within your own customer base and spot potential risks. Quickly segment your customers into risk groups for targeted action. Track portfolio risk and customer risk over time to identify trends and adjust credit policies. Prioritize and expedite collections efforts.



Prioritize delinquent accounts with higher likelihood of payment and help expedite the collection process. Outside of debt prioritization, this solution suite also provides commercial skip tracing and corporate linkage data to help identify alternative operating locations and contacts associated with your delinquent accounts.

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