B2B Data Insights

Boost your marketing campaign’s profitability with our uniquely tailored data-integration service, coupled with our consultative and collaborative approach

Experian’s B2B Data Insights is a closed-loop prospect database service that helps marketers acquire, develop and keep the most profitable business customers. Cleanse, standardize and consolidate customer records from multiple sources into a single view of the customer. Gain a complete 360-degree view of the customer when you combine this product with corporate hierarchies. Help your sales force find new customers with an in-depth prospecting database that can be segmented to maximize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and discover new market segments, verticals or geographies to target.

Boost your marketing return on investment with our best-in-class marketing database and data-analytics service.

  • Single view of the customer — Leverage the power of Experian’s Data Synthesis™ by assigning a unique Business Identification Number (BIN) to each of your customer records.
  • Data enhancement — Business credit/risk attributes can be appended to help segment and refine your business-to-business prospect list.
  • Custom analytics — Propensity modeling, customer segmentation and risk-prediction models can be created to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • Flexible delivery options — Batch, direct connection, Salesforce integration, hosted and Web services are available.

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